Club Meetings/ 2013-10-23 Talk by John Reed

Computer "Master Class" otherwise known as the Blind leading the Blind!

A rapt audience?
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This was a meeting to look at the new Rotary International web site, the new Rotary Branding incorporated into it and an introduction to the new (from 1st November 2013) Rotary GB&I web site template.

At the same time help was given to those members who had problems logging onto the members only side of our club site where, in future, more and more documentation will be displayed for ease of access to all members.

There was plenty of discussion about the use of Social Media in addition to our web site, to promote what we do as a Club.  The need for us to embrace modern methods of communication was fully recognised whilst doing as much as possible to help long standing members cope with the new technology.

Links to videos explaining the new Rotary International web site are given below.  Do enjoy looking at them.

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