Community Service/ Fighting the Fight vs. Male Cancer

Sat 16th November 2013 at 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm

The forbidden subject - men's health! Don't hide your heads in the sand - beat the silence - men should come along to learn about this subject!

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Rotary Fights the Fight against Male Cancer

The Rotary Club of Billericay hosted a major community project on Saturday, 16 November 2013 to mark Cancer Awareness Day.

Before an audience of Rotarians and Billericay residents, Mr Anil Vohra, senior consultant  at NHS and private hospitals in the immediate area, at the special invitation of the Rotary Club of Billericay through President Keith Wood, put his expert knowledge to advising how to accept, understand and deal with prostate cancer.

The event was aimed mainly at male participants aged 50 plus. But that did not exclude young and old, male and female alike. It started about 12.00 am with a light refreshments and the video presentation followed to an assembly of invited guests, who were able to ask questions in an informal but confidential setting. Also, passers-by were invited to join from the High Street, and supermarket shoppers. Promotional material was distributed in advance of the day in many outlets in the town.

Mr Vohra's major comment during the presentation at St Magdelen Church in Billericay High Street on Saturday, November 16 was :  “More men are dealt with every year  with prostrate cancer than women are with breast cancer.”

Then he added his assurance:  “Prostate cancer is not a death wish.  It does not kill if men have the courage to go to their GP and ask: “Do I need to be tested? Am I OK? What do I need to do now?

Bottom Line – Awareness.  Mr Vohra urged.:  “Do not be afraid, as always, the early bird catches the worm..!

There were many questions from the floor, many relating to men who had suffered fr
om prostate cancer (and had been cured) , to those who wanted to know what symptoms (testicles and urine not least) they should observe and be concerned.

In thanking Mr Vohra, President Wood said:  “We are honoured to have Mr Vohra with us as he is eminently the best authority in the area to advise on this sensitive but often ignored Male Health topic.  Females are routinely examined and tested but so often men just ignore the symptoms and often take action when it is too late. Our Club is dedicated to helping the fight against cancer.  We have had many speakers on the subject at our meetings and they have made us aware.  Now we are anxious that, while it remains a national and international concern, we may be able to do something helpful and useful to make more people aware within our own community.  Please join us in the fight.

I hope that we have urged awareness. We men tend to take a lot for granted. With prostrate cancer – not a great idea. Anil has given us a great presentation and, I suggest, a great debate.”