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Rotary working to help the less fortunate around the world.

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Rotary aims to support the less fortunate by helping them to help themselves.

In the International Community this means that most of our projects are designed to kick start a process which enourages the less fortunate to take ownership of their lives in a self sustaining way.

Our efforts are usually concentrated on the provision of basic necessities; those which we take for granted in the Developed World!  These include the supply of clean water, food, sanitation, healthcare and education.  The self reliance this fosters leads to self respect and the development of communities which move forward on paths of their own choice and making.

Of course life is never that simple.  Natural disasters occur which need help on a large scale and we support charities who specialise in the provision of emergency aid, such as ShelterBox and AquaBox. 

Man-made disasters also occur usually involving some form of dispute between different communities.  Through its Peace Programme Rotary helps to foster conflict resolution around the world.

To see more of what we do please follow the links below.  Details of our 2015 "hands on" project to build a Sand Dam in Kenya are here.

You may, quite rightly, ask why support Rotary to achieve these aims.  We have one huge advantage over many others trying to help the less fortunate.  This advantage is our network of over 1.2 million Rotarians around the world, all working to the same ends.  By working with our local colleagues we can be very certain the funds and goods supplied reach only their intended recipients and that these "local" Rotarians will keep an eye on the progress of the project to ensure it achieves its aims.

International Projects see links to the right of this page ►.

Disaster Response

Peace and Conflict Resolution

If you are interested to learn more about membership of Rotary and what we do please contact us and we would be happy to explain further.