Environment/ Outside Visit - Oakwell Hall Environment work 2014

Mon 27th July 2020 at 1.56 pm -

Cutting and Burning morning

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Rotary Club of Birstall Luddites
Oakwell Hall Country Park
Cutting and Burning 2014.
Three dates have been arranged by Jim for cutting and burning mornings at Oakwell 2014.
Jan 18th, Feb 8th and March 8th.
Team photo Jan 18th 2014.Jan 18th.
On a fine but cold Saturday morning
Luddites led by Jim Pilkington cut and then burned an area behind the childrens playground in Oakwell Country Park
Cutting and Burning action.
Jan 18th

(Photos courtesy Pres Bill)

Oakwell Hall Country Park
Cutting and Burning Session 2 Feb 8th 2014.
Team Photo Feb 8th 2014
Lucky with the weather again,cold but fine.
Cuting and burnng the same overgown edge down to the fence this time.
Oakwell Hall Country Park
Cutting and Burning Session 3 March 8th 2014.
Team Photo Sat 8th March
March but still a cool cloudy Saturday morning at Oakwell Hall.
Luddites led by Jim met Dan the Oakwell contact who led us to the Willow plantation.
Our task was to cut down a perimeter of older willows that had grown too big and to
burn them on a bonfire.
John and David working site.  
This Robin watched us working coming close to see what might be disturbed to eat. Willow site cleard with a large stack of cut willows over to the right.
The willows proved to be hard to burn and so they have been left to dry out.