Club Meetings/ 2014-01-22 Honorary member and Good Companions Club

Cliff Blanchet is presented with Honorary Membership and Jerry Ramsden gives us a History of the Good Companions Club and a briefing on the planned rennovation at the property.

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We welcomed Cliff Blanchet back to the club and presented him with his Honorary membership badge.  Cliff was very relieved to hear that his green regalia bag was not being returned to him! He thanked us  all for the honour bestowed on him and was pleased that his daughter Annette, a Past President of Rotary de la Manche, could accompany him to the meeting.

Jerry Ramsden then took the floor and gave a brief history of the Good Companions Club from its formation in 1948, the purchase and extension of Journeaux Street in 1962, the building of a second club at Le Marais in 1976, the merger of the two clubs in 2004, the sale of Journeaux Street in 2007, the attempt to locate and build a new club and community centre, to the present day plans of renovating and expanding the Le Marais facilities.

Jerry introduced the new manager of the club, Angie Falle, to the meeting and for the benefit of newer Rotarians briefed them on the staff at the club, the magnificent help we get from volunteer carers and from the ladies of Inner Wheel. The meeting was concluded with an update on the current financial budget at the club and a call to arms for the Rotary Club to fulfil its commitment to Good Companions by leading a Fund Raising campaign to help pay for the renovations and extension being planned.

An online copy of Jerry's report is available here.