Senior Citizens' Lunch Party

Tue, Jun 10th 2014 at 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Maidenhill School students cook lunch and provide entertainment for Stonehouse Senior Citizens - always done perfectly and a very popular event.

We were very pleased to be able to work closely with Maidenhill School's Catering and Hospitality students in arranging lunch for local senior citizens - with a very topical D-day Anniversary theme.

The students really did excel at their task - which covered the whole project from planning the menu to meet a pre-agreed cost budget;  planning the room layout;  planning the preparation activities;  then actually preparing the meal and finally serving it.

Even more though than the meal - other students also provided entertainment for our visitors during the meal - a chance to join-in with some of the old wartime favourite songs.

The quality of the food and service was impeccable, and we really must thank Miss Kath Fry and her teaching team for all of the effort and encouragement that they put into the project, and supporting their students so well.

Also a huge thank-you to the head teacher, Ms Pam Wilson, for her support and for spending time hosting the visitors.   

24 folks were entertained  - all enjoyed their meal choice from the menu, and the entertainment brought back to them some nostalgic memories.


Well done to Maidenhill - top marks again!! 


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