Good Companions Club a Rotary Club of Jersey Project since 1948/ Renovation of Good Companions

The building has been extended and completely renovated to make it more welcoming and fit for another 30 years.

The architects rendering, almost indistinguishable from the finished building.
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The Rotary Club of Jersey is pleased to announce that the Good Companions Club (GCC) in Le Marais, St Clement, has been extended and completely renovated to make it more welcoming and fit for another 30 years. External walls and the roof were upgraded to modern standards, a new club room and a dedicated dining room added, the hall renovated and the kitchen significantly upgraded.

Rotarian Jerry Ramsden, chairman of the GCC Management Committee said: The club does a wonderful job providing day care, companionship and a range of activities for older Islanders. General Manager Angie Falle and the staff also provide a hot lunch at the Club for members who come to Le Marais in minibuses from every parish in the Island. This redevelopment gives the GCC updated premises and modern facilities so that older Islanders can enjoy activities and the fellowship of others for years to come. 
The GCC was founded in 1948 by the Rotary Club of Jersey and the need for what it does is greater than ever. 80% of the 200,000 annual costs of running the club is funded by income generated by the GCC itself and by the Rotary Club of Jersey from bequests left to Rotary. The States of Jersey pay about 40,000 a year towards the cost of the day care provided.
Toni Roberts, President of the Rotary Club of Jersey said: We launched a major campaign to help fund it. Islanders contributed to the capital cost of the building work so that some of the funds we have stayed invested to provide for staff costs and other running costs in the years ahead. 

You can still help with the running costs of this extraordinary organisation:
The present building at Le Marais was gifted to the Rotary Club by Eric Young of the Orchid Foundation and opened in 1976. The original GCC premises in Journeaux Street, St Helier were funded by Greville Bathe whose legacy continues to be the source of some of the funding that covers the GCC's running costs.
Toni Roberts said: Islanders have been very generous in the past to help the Rotary Club look after older Islanders. We are ever grateful to Greville Bathe and to Eric Young and we hope others will now come forward to ensure the continuation of the work of the Good Companions Club for years into the future.