Ben pulls out another Plum

Mon 31st March 2014 at 19.00 - 22.00

Plum Valley event - the club members and their partners get together for a convivial meal out.

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It's the fifth Monday so ...

There are two advantages in having a fifth Monday in the Monday as March just gone.  Firstly, your speaker/finder is spared trying to chase up another persuasive soul to talk to us (two/three a month is quite enough) and, secondly, it provides a wonderful opportunity for some serious socialising.

Which is why some thirty or so of us once again descended on the Plum Valley restaurant on March 31 for a delightful meal and convivial evening.  Did not count too many tiaras on the wives and partners but don't they all look smashing on a night out!
Our appreciation  to Ben Curtis for arranging the occasion again. Clever Ben - he knows he will not be served rocket lettuce there!   President Keith Wood thanked him on behalf of us all. 

By Trevor Bond