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What is Rotary? Is a question we are frequently asked and one which has as many different answers as there are people who respond.

We could tell you that we have many programmes and projects designed to educate young people, bring clean water and sanitation to people who need it, have health projetcs that range from Cataract surgery to artifical limbs.

We could tell you of the playgrounds we have built in our home town, of the public gardens we have built, of the efforts to remove invasive weed species from public parks or of the competitions we run to display the talents and skills of young people.

We could tell you of our Peace Fellows Programme in six universities around the world that helps people gain a Masters level quaslification and sets them up to work in many different areas helping to bring about change and reductions in conflict.

Or we could tell you about how Rotary International are the driving force behind ridding the world of Polio, a programme that has seen cases reduce from 1000 per day in 1985 to just 25 in the world so far in 2015.

And we still would only have covered a fraction of what Rotary does.

If you want to find out more search for us on the Internet and be prepared for a long stay while you read about what our 1.2 milliuon members in 36,000 clubs across 265 countries do.  And if you like what you see why not enquire about joining us