Past Presidents' Day

The Club held its Annual Past Presidents Day Luncheon on 14th May 2014. Past President Clive Knowles chaired this Meeting. Other Senior Rotarians who attended included PP Arvind Barve, PP James Allie, PP Robert Crane, PP Elwin Cummings Palmer & AG Francis


In The Chair                                                     -    PP Clive Knowles

Rotary Grace                                                   -     PP Arvind Barve

Objects of Rotary                                             -     PP Robert Crane

Four Way Test                                                 -     Rotary Shivani Patel

Introduction & Welcome of Guests                    -     PP Sree  Vallipuram

Starters  &  Lunch

Presentation of Cheque to:                            -   Mrs Natasha Fleming, Chairperson of Pimlico Puffins

Speaker                                                             -    PP Arvind Barve

Vote of Thanks  to PP Clive Knowles            -   PP James Allie

The Loyal Toast                                                  -   Led by Vice President Emmanuel Ngozi

Final Toast (Toast to Rotary)                             -  Led by President Girish Raval

Desserts, Coffee/Tea                                             - Rotarians & Guests given time to mingle and socialise