RDA Workday May 2014

The Team from Ewell Rotary, Epsom Rotaract and Epsom Rotary clearing the bund at Riding for the Disabled on Hook Road.

 A team of around 12 people worked from 10am til 3 pm clearing brambles and other weeds from the embankment between RDA and Hook Road.  It was tough work and we didn't need to visit the gym that day.  We used wheelbarrows, rakes, scythes, strimmers and hedge cutters to do the job.  If only we had known a farmer with a hedge trimming attachment for his tractor!  

At 12 we stopped for a barbecue lunch with master chef Tony Axelrod in charge of the barbecue.  After a blissful hour of rest, we resumed the task and stopped when we got as far as the dreaded Japanese knotweed.  This is highly dangerous stuff and, if removed, you have to take 3 metres of soil each side and 3 metres deep.  Perhaps not a job for Rotary.  

All in all a satisfying days work and thanks to all for helping

Clive Richardson