The aim of the Club Services Committee is to ensure the smooth operation of the Club and to contribute towards the future development and sustainability of the Club.


This will be achieved through working in tandem with Club members who have responsibility for ensuring the Club's adherence to policies and Charity Commission Guidelines, speaker finding, Club communication and publicity (Club diary, Club website, internal bulletins and external media contact), meetings administration and Club Archives.


Aims and objectives to include:


  1. to ensure weekly club meetings are well structured and have interesting speakers and to liaise with the management of the Rutland Hotel and Golf Club to ensure good service and value for money
  2. to extend local press coverage and promote awareness of The Rotary Club of Bakewell within the local community
  3. to monitor adherence to policies
  4. to provide effective communication through better use of the Club Website, reintroduction of Club Bulletin and regular diary updates
  5. to maintain regular contact with District Officers and support District initiatives as applicable


Specific Tasks to include:


  1. Complete production of Club Manual of event procedures
  2. Produce club members pocket directory
  3. Monitor publicity for club events to ensure compliance with Charity Commission Guidelines