Technology to schools in the South Pacific

Digital learning room in schools.

Tablets in use in Fiji.

Rotary Scholar Kelsi Lopatecki Cox is a prime example of what can happen when you nurture young people. During her speech to the Sidney 2014 Rotary international convention, she championed innovative technology and education as a way to address poverty and under-development in rural communities. She is program coordinator for the Digital Learning Room, a project that brings technology to schools in the South Pacific.
"The challenges faced by our world are great, and they won't go away overnight," said Kelsi. "By supporting education, by embracing technology, by daring to think outside of the box, we can address poverty and inequality. But we can't do it alone; when we join together, we are stronger. Together, we can create a world of opportunity."

This video explains how the technology is introduced.



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Tablets in use in Fiji.

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