Club Meetings/ 2014-08-13 Anti-Bullying

A talk by Alison Fox from the Jersey Community Relations Trust.

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The speaker after lunch at the Rotary Club of Jersey lunch on 13th August 2014  was Alison Fox, a counsellor from the anti bullying service provided by the Jersey Community Relations Trust.

Alison is employed by the Trust - which is a charity - as a professional counsellor to help those adults in Jersey who suffer from repetitive emotional or physical bullying.

There have been 700 enquiries since the service started in 2011 and 65% of these have come from people suffering bullying in the workplace. The counselling service has helped many of them reduce their anxieties and improve their health. Sometimes JACS  have been called upon to intervene with employers and Alison gave an example of a successful outcome for a woman who had been the victim of repeated unwanted sexual comments from her line manager.

Alison took several questions as she went along and more at the end of her interesting talk. She was thanked by President Ray Shead. Ray presented Alison with