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Rotary's corporate charity was formed in 1917 with the aim "to do good in the world". Over the years the charity has expanded and today it is the world's largest non-governmental charity dedicated to international peace and understanding, education and health. The annual donations from all clubs around the world in the Rotary Year 1st July 2013- 30th June 14 amounted to a record $116.6M*.

In 1979, Rotary began its journey to eradicate Polio from the world and we are nearly there! In 1985 there were 350,000 cases of polio per year, last year there were just a few hundred cases in just three countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

This Rotary Club has made a contribution to the Foundation every year since it was formed in 1987.

As well as raising funds for polio eradication, we have participated in international understanding projects. Just a few years ago, we sponsored a young lady working in computer education in the community to travel on a Group Study Exchange visit to the Philippines.


* In 2013-14 the Rotary Foundation directed 92% of its funds to spending on programmes, 2% on administration and 6% on fund-raising. These figures far exceed the criteria set by independent charity-rating-services. Indeed in 2014, Americ's largest charity evaluator,Charity Navigator, awarded the Rotary Foundation a maximum four stars.  

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