Our Peace Programme/ UN World Peace Day Service Sunday 21st September 2014.

A service at St Helier Methodist Centre to celebrate UN World Peace Day. Led by Revd. Tony Morling assisted by Revd. Dr. Jongikaya Zihle.

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Revd. Tony Morling and his congregation at St Helier Methodist Centre welcomed us all to their church and invited us to join with them in a multi-faith service that featured a passionate presentation by Revd. Jongi that in turn excited and amused the congregation.  He was supported by readings from Tony Allchurch and Deacon Iain MacFirbisigh and prayers from John Scally. 

During the service, young members of the congregation showed us how to make paper peace cranes like those in the Peace Memorial to Sadako in Hiroshima. Hundreds of these paper cranes were dedicated during the service and they will now be sent to Christian communities in Gaza and Baghdad.

The service was followed by  wide ranging conversation over coffee and some 20 supporters stayed on for a round table discussion over a shared lunch during which Jongi and his wife Mmasape talked at length about their lives and ministry.

Whilst discussing the difficulties of "integrating" communities from different language and cultural backgrounds, Jongi urged all to remember 5 key factors in the process:

Receive: Listen carefully to what you are being told with no preconceptions as to what the issues are.

Repeat: Ask again for an explanation of the issues to be absolutely certain that you have understood correctly.

Respect: All parties to the discussions.

Reflect: Take time to really consider all the possible aspects of the issue.

Respond: Explain your thoughts and conclusions very carefully to all parties.


Accompanied by Rtns. John Reed and John Scally, Rtn. Tony Allchurch presented a cheque for