Young Chef 2014 - District Final (28 February 2015)

Following from the group competition, Louis competed in the District Final which took place at Bournemouth School of Hospitality and Food.

Scores Were Based Upon:

Healthy Choice of Dishes (Out of 10)
Planning (Out of 10)
Costing (Out of 5)
Range of Skills Used (Out of 20)
Neatness of Working Area and Hygiene (Out of 15)
Meal Served at Correct Temperature (Out of 10)
Presentation of Table (Out of 10)
Taste and Presentation of Starter (Out of 20)
Taste and Presentation of Main (Out of 30)
Taste and Presentation of Dessert (Out of 20)

Here Louis' Menu Consisted Of:

Starter - Thai Spring Roll with Asian Dressing, Pickled Ginger and Toasted Cashew Nuts.
Main - Guernsey Beer Marinated Steak served with Scallion Mash, Green Beans and Parsnip Crisps.
Dessert - Vanilla Panacotta served with Plums Roasted in Lemon Thyme and Honey.

GRYC District Final

Louis' Three Course Meal at The District Final February 28th 2015.

At this stage, Louis did extremely well with his starter, and although did not place over all, gained the award for "Best Starter".

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