Foundation report 2015

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The Club met its training obligations for the receipt of Foundation Grants in 2014/15 and I anticipate it meeting them again for 2015/16; it also completed the Memorandum of Understanding required for Grant assistance and will do so again this year.

We have fully met our obligations for Foundation giving to the Annual fund at $100 per head of membership (£1800) and have contributed $50 per head (£900) to the Polio Fund thus satisfying the DG’s criteria for a DG citation.  The budget for 2015/16 envisages maintaining this level of giving.

We applied for a District Grant of £1150 towards the purchase and installation of a defibrillator on Stockerston Rd to serve the East end of town; we were successful in our application in fact we received £1300 but will have to refund any moneys in excess of 50% of expenditure, which I expect to be £2300, meaning a refund of £150.

Joyce has agreed to support a Mango Tree project and I have been talking to Nic about a discreet project to the value of £2500 – I have placed a marker with District for a project of up to £3000 to be on the safe side.  Further action depends on the return of our rotund Rotarian from his cycle ride.

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