Half a Million Pounds

The BIG dinner has reached its target of £500,000!

A very Big Dinner

Big Dinner raises over Half a Million!

We reported our efforts to raise a significant sum of money to support this very worthwhile charity in March.  The chair of the charity - Olivia Giles - has just written to thank us for our club's contribution.

Dear Rotary Club of Billericay,
The BIG dinner has reached its target of £500,000! Thank you!
Three months on from 7th March, I am delighted - more than delighted! - to tell you that the BIG dinner reached its target of £500,000 this week. That is counting all donations actually received and all guaranteed Gift Aid. You will be able to tell that we needed every single £, $ and euro and that we could not have done it without you! I thank you most sincerely for helping us to get there, I am extremely grateful!

You can keep up to date with the total on the Home page of the BIG dinner website.

Online broadcasts
The link to the two main online programmes and all of our short films will remain live on the Scotsman website here.

What next?
I will be in Malawi this month and hopefully in Zambia before long to move things forward. I aim to get a normal newsletter out to you over the summer with an update on what has been happening with our projects and what our plans are.

Thank you so much for your support - and for your patience!

Olivia Giles
500 miles