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Rotary GB&I_Image_Col_L_v1.jpgCITY NEWSJune 2015

I am afraid we have got a bit out of step with City News. As many will know Margaret and I moved house a couple of weeks ago so Judy agreed to send out the May issue and I am running late with this one. It was a long time since we had moved to a deadline – both our previous moves were to houses we had bought at auction so we could spread the task. I’m sure the stress and tiredness is down to that and nothing to do with our age!

A Rotary year has ended and Judy has officially handed over to Jimmy. But as Jimmy promptly went on holiday it was back to normal on Monday. The year really ends with the president’s finale at Conigree on Sunday. Hopefully most have signed up by now but if not I’m sure you will be welcomed if you contact Judy first. ( Remember no meeting on Monday) As Presidents change each year, more noticeable will be Mike taking over as secretary. Colin has been running our club for some years – as vice and then President and three years as secretary. His attention to detail has kept the club well organised. Hopefully his gap will be filled and we wish him fulfilment now that he is Assistant District Governor.

If you have not already paid your subs, now is the time. I gather one or two stalwarts are calling it a day. Brian Draper, who has increasing difficulty with his hearing is one. He was the welcoming President when I joined. Bob Sockett who had a couple of spells as Secretary about that time is also going. They will both be missed and we can only hope they will join us from time to time. I think a couple of our newer members who have found attendance difficult have asked to be allowed to become Associate members. Numbers have to be firm prior to July and as Mike tells me the directory is almost ready for issue it should soon be clear how big a challenge Luke will have as the new membership officer.

You should have had a copy of the new programme by now. In the next couple of months we have twice as many away meeting as we have at ‘home’ so take care! Also in July the lunch/evening pattern has become LLEE. Newer members who are not golfers, may not be clear about the two meetings at Wormsley. On 20 July it is ‘Putting’. This is just an excuse for a pleasant social evening in a lovely setting. Partners are welcome. Optionally we start by putting a few balls into holes. Balls and clubs are provided and the same skill that you display at seaside crazy golf is enough. Usually start early; about 6pm I think.Then on Aug 3rd back to Wormsley for our lunch meeting and those who wish to can play a round afterwards.

Kevin’s main achievement as International Officer this year has been to organise fun in foreign settings. Don’t worry about people starving in the developing world we are now becoming experts in international cuisine! After what by all accounts was a great French meal (even if the national debt could have been paid off with the bill) he is reverting to Indian on 21st August. The programme says ‘Proper Curry’. This is because Kevin has views not dissimilar to Professor Hunt about women who he feels cannot cope with anything stronger than a korma. (I can do a Soutar on him here because he never reads anything I send out!)

I am rather hoping that Jimmy will send out a City News himself next year and relieve me of the need to think of things that not everybody already knows.

Have you replied to San’s Boules email? Sounds fun.

RJS 26 Jun 15