Handover Picnic & Bowls (28 June 2015)

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Well another year has passed and another successful Bowls handover event has been held at Terry Andrews’ beautiful house and Crown bowls green.  The weather was wonderful and we had a really good turnout of members and partners for the event.

As always everyone took their own picnic for lunch and all the drink was supplied as part of the entry.

As usual Terry sorted out all the teams and the bowling schedule for the day keeping everyone busy.  By the end of the day all teams had bowled three times with some very impressive bowling taking place with one or two individuals really standing out, for various reasons!  The final outcome was a draw between the pair of John Hollis and Jos Mortimer and Rod Goldsbrough and Sue Whalley.

To sort out the winner we had have a play off (very tense of course), which was watched by a very enthusiastic crowd (slightly merry I think).  The final glory went to John Hollis and Jos Mortimer in an excellent final.  Our outgoing President Tony Spruce, presented the winning pair with the usual fabulous prize, a bottle of wine each!

I should point out at this stage that the fact that the incoming President John Hollis won the event is purely coincidence :-).

A massive thank you must go to Terry for once again letting on his "lawn" for this annual event and also for sorting out the bowling.