Community Service/ SummerFest 2015

The Great Balloon Race raises money for Charity at Billericay Mayflower's Billericay SummerFest

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Flying High and Handsome

Kids will always love balloons - which is why our modest Balloon Race effort at the Mayflower Club’s Summerfest at Sun Corner on July 12 kept everyone happy - not least those club volunteers who, with the wonderful help of our Rotakid girls, managed to enjoy the occasion, blowing up and labelling the special club balloons, then directing the lads and lassies to send them into the air, trying to avoid the trees in a strong but useful wind. And every kid received a packet of sweets.

With 11,000 balloons and a gas canister of equivalent size to cope, we were selling tickets at £2 a ticket, and three tickets for £5, we raised a total of almost £400.  As president Ed said::  “We never expected to sell them all. But I am pleased we made such a great effort and it was about Rotary fellowship. We had lots of enquiries about Rotary. And we can use the left-over balloons on another occasion - the Chhristmas Market?”

There were a few that might be considered worthy of the Trades Description Act.  Deflated before take off. We gladly found the buyers another one which did the business.

There is always one of course!  A local Rotarian complained when two failed.  We replaced them and suggested he hung to them and did a Mary Poppins.  His reply is not mentionable!

Considering the “opposition” - John Baron’s Fun Walk, Wimbledon men’s final on the box (might have been different if Andy Murray had been involved) and the Test match finishing in four days, the Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower must be delighted with their day.  The weather stayed dry, the stalls were busy all day and the showground and bandstand staged some brilliant entertainment. We applaud their success.

And we played our part..