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RIBI_Image_Col_L_v1.jpgCITY NEWS       July 2015

My hope that Jimmy would take this over was in vain. He is going to send a quarterly report but wants me to continue with the monthly version. All this month’s meetings seem to have been out of sync. Evenings at lunch and vice versa and Council not until a couple of days ago which has delayed this issue. Anyway I’m just going to recap July and look forward to August since I think City News keeps those of you who have not been able to attend regularly up to date. If you have, I suggest you bin this now!

We started with Judy’s Presidents finale held in Conigree garden. Good home prepared food, chatter and a musical entertainer in such lovely surroundings was a great way for Judy and Peter to end the year. I suppose I should record the utter amazement all round when Judy awarded the ‘Rotarian of the year’ trophy to me!

‘Frugal’ took on a new meaning for the lunch in Alan Blake’s garden. On Saturday, when I was car parking with Luke, I thought he was pulling my leg when he said it was steak and strawberries. But it was. Alan has installed several hundred sleepers to re-terrace his garden and planted masses of new plants. I looks stunning and we thank him for arranging it all and, we gather, raising about £1000 for Roy’s Sri Lankan funds. Bobbie got a good picture and report of this in the Hereford Times.

On the 20th we had the annual meal and putting at Wormsley. Most took part with a range of skill. (Although John and Mike declined as it was deemed too difficult!)  Margaret and Shirley were surprised to be in the ladies play off in which, not unexpectedly Judy triumphed. There was a men’s play off too with John Taylor, unfairly given he is half the age, beating Bill. Richard had organised another pleasant evening with the usual good buffet.

Monday was Council followed by a French themed meal.  Jimmy gained support for an event during his year to celebrate 85 years of our club. Initial thoughts are February, a 1930s theme, black tie, meal, entertainment etc. I know some of our mature members shudder at the suggestion that it could be about £45 per head. I sympathise but our younger members point out that this is at the bottom end of cost for this sort of thing. The recent Round Table ball was £75. Jimmy will set up an organising group so if you have strong feelings make them known.

Both Community service and International committees are meeting shortly to firm up ideas. Luke reports that there are two prospective members and an associate ready for formal application and another couple of potential members in sight. John submitted accounts to Council but with so many guests on Monday night did not report formally to club. One item for our approval is the donation of specialist kit to RNCB which is about £2300. That’s a bit more than the £2k approved. Let Jimmy or John know if you would like to see the accounts or have problems with the £300 excess.

Looking forward, the next meeting is lunch at Wormsley on Monday. Take up at present is very low so if you are coming and not on the yellow book list please let Richard know. The lunch will be followed by golf for those who fancy it.

August’s big event is the River Festival on Monday 31st. Hopefully most of us can turn out to help in our main fund raiser. The ducks are being collected from Nottingham on Sunday and there will be the usual Thursday evening duck sorts. This year in Colin’s garden. If you have not helped with this do try to come along. From about 6.15 for an hour or two. Good fellowship and a glass of wine is the norm. Our key money maker is the selling of ducks. Please try to personally sell the 5 books San has sent you to friends and family; join in a couple of duck selling sessions at local stores (see the yellow book or email San) and Paul reminds us of the importance of selling Business Ducks. You will find it is not too difficult to extract £25 from your local garage, hair dresser etc. Last year we sold about 140 so try to do at least your share of 4. If we all did and the star sellers with their 10 or 15 we would reach 200. That’s £5000!

Rob 29 July 2015