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Bulb Planting at Poundbury

The Annual Bulb Planting team.

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Assuming there isn’t three foot of snow on the ground next April, there will be a fine sight to see in the newly planted Birch Grove in front of the Fire Station up on Poundbury near the Monkey Jump Roundabout - clumps of big, bright, yellow daffodils.

A small group of Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary Club members were up early on Sunday morning and planting two large bags of the bulbs, donated by Poundbury Gardens, in amongst the birch saplings.

“We’ve been planting bulbs in the verges beside the roads of Dorchester for many years,” said Rotarian Tim Stiles, “Big shows of daffs are something everyone appreciates in the spring after a long winter and it’s something strongly visual that Rotary can do to serve the town”.