Kenya Schools Project Update

Report on 2023 Visit

A small team of volunteers including Julie Fry, Meryl Turner, Josie Hastings recently went to Kenya to catch up on our ongoing work there over a couple of weeks. The weather was great, hot sunny days, with no rain, a perfect tonic after some cold days, we left when the temperature was -4’ and arrived in Kenya to + 28’.

We visited about a dozen schools located in the foothills of Mount Kenya, saw 275 sponsored children and added a few more children to the waiting list. Although education is free in Kenya, there is a feeding program and children (or parents/guardians) have to pay, no pay = no food = no education.

Julie and Meryl saw more girls as part of their washable sanitary project, that week of the month girls with no sanitary items do not go to school, no school = no food = no education. All the washable sanitary towels are made here using recycled towels, sheets etc with a waterproof membrane, Julie & Meryl have now seen over 550 girls in the past 6 years.

We also took out a Significant quantity of Tee shirts kindly donated by Dorchester Rugby club, the result of an unfortunate project, these were extremely well received by all the recipients.

We carried out some recycled lap top computers and mobile phones that were donated to either schools or people who help us with our work, again these were positively received and will help to make a difference to children’s education.

We brought home a large amount of Kenyan made bags, jewellery and other items all bought from a local trader that will be sold locally to raise money for our ongoing projects in Kenya.

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Dorchester Beerex Committee members present Farah Bachelor from Amelia's Rainbow with the proceeds. Photo by Rich Gabe.

Write up by Dave Harris and a big thank you to all those involved.


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Exhibition displayed in the Dorchester Library May 2023 - includes Young Artist entries, the Winning Young Writer poem and short story and images from the young Chef competition.

Casterbridge Rotary were very pleased to be able to offer Young Writer, Young Artist, Young Chef and Youth speaks in the last Rotary Year. We thank all the young people who entered, the schools, judges and parents who supported us.

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