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Rotary GB&I_Image_Col_L_v1.jpgCITY NEWS       October 2015

By now I imagine you will have heard the sad news of Hannah’s sudden death. I visited Roy this morning and he seems to be coping well with the support of his children. His daughter is keen for him to have Rotary visitors so please do pop in.

Hannah was part of our group who went to open the school in Nepal. I echo Luke’s comment ‘she was a lovely lady’ She had a wide range of interests, particularly choirs and of course acted as Roy’s ears. The funeral will be at the crematorium at 3pm next Friday 30th October. We are all welcome.

Like a number of others, I have been away and missed a few meetings. Let’s hope we stabilise because attendances have been worryingly low recently. I think those present all found Sharon Turnball’s talk fascinating. A MBA course involving time spent in the UK, Canada, India, Brazil and China was something none of us have aspired to, although if anyone has £80k spare, Heather would find time!

The Special General meeting confirmed our known officers for 2016/17. Jimmy will be handing over to Heather with Ray moving to Senior Vice. Mike and John stay on as secretary and treasurer. As yet we do not have a Junior Vice. If you are willing or wish to suggest someone please talk to Jimmy.

Looking forward, we have two Christmas meals this year. On Monday 14th December there will be the usual lunch at Wormsley golf club. Then the following Monday we shall have our usual evening meeting with seasonal food (and entertainment – Jimmy has something up his sleeve). Neil will need numbers and meal choices. Please sign up in yellow book. Partners are invited to both these events.

Please note that the date given last month for the Charter anniversary dinner/dance has changed. It is now Friday 15th April. Still in the Shire Hall and with an imaginative meal it sounds as if it will be a good night. To keep the costs within our Maximum of £45 per person we need at least 120 present. So please start deciding which friends you can invite.

Luke has a number of projects on the go. The Classic Car Festival date is planned to be Sat 14th May. If you have a suitable vehicle get polishing, otherwise lots of stewards will be needed. The same is true for Heather’s Flower Festival at Dore Abbey on 5-7 August. If you, your partner or friends are into flower arranging, Heather would love to know.

Finally, Paul is working on the 2016 programme and asks for speaker suggestions.

Rob 22 Oct 2015