Community Service/ Men's Cancer Awareness 2015

A Free complimentary full English breakfast and talks by Mr Vohra (NHS Consultant Urologist) and other speakers about male cancer. Sponsored by Nuffield Health Brentwood and REIDS restaurant and supported by Macmillan Nurses.

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The Early Bird Catches the Worm

As part of Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Billericay held a Male Cancer Awareness event at Reids Restaurant, Billericay on the morning of Saturday 14th November 2015.

This is the third year we have held this event as part of the MOVEMBER FOUNDATION, where the object is to raise the awareness of Cancer in men. Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital sponsored the event with free english breakfast, provided at cost by Reids, our location, and we also had two Macmillan Nurses, who provided further information and answered questions from participants "away from the crowd", also explaining what other help is available.

President Ed Harrison opened the event with a brief introduction, after which attendees helped themselves to the free 'English Breakfast', juices and coffee or Tea.  Shortly after 10.00 a.m., and after a minutes silence in recognition of the atrocity in Paris, Mr Vohra started his presentation.

We had again secured the presence of Mr Anil Vohra, Consultant Urologist, who spoke about Prostate problems (including cancer), Kidney cancer and testicular cancer. and the importance of early detention. Prostate cancer is not confined to the elderly and it is important that men of all ages are aware of symptoms and seek early advice.  To quote Mr Vohra “The majority of prostate problems are not cancer, but the key to cures is early diagnosis.  We often say men only come to see us when they know the location of every toilet in the High Street.  Prostate cancer is very slow growing.  If the prostate problem is Cancer, then you are more likely to die with prostate cancer, than die from prostate cancer.  Go to your GP and ask: “Do I need to be tested? Am I OK? What do I need to do now?"

There were may questions from the qudience throughout the talks, and again in dedicated Q & A sessions after each section of the presentation.  Audience participation was huge!
Men of all ages had been warmly invited to join us together with their partners if they so wish, and several wives did come along.

Mr and Mrs Blythe had also come along.  Mr Blythe had been operated on to remove kidney cancer only 7 days before, and was well enough after the operation to leave hospital just over two days later, and to come along to our event. He shared his experiences and how he had taken the news in  a Q & A with Mr Vohra, while his wife share her erspective on hearing the news and "living" with it.  It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives.

And the audience reaction?  This is what one participant said "Thanks to all who organised this morning's presentation (and breakfast!).  Really interesting and informative and Mr Vohra's presentation was excellent.  Lots of useful info that we really should all be more aware of, I'm glad I was able to ..... attend!"