Wadebridge Rotary Club beats Padstow Rotary Club at Skittles

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The Wadebridge Rotary Club's Skittles team, having sailed through all the preliminary rounds (well, byes actually with no bowl bowled), came up against the redoubtable Padstow team in the quarter finals.

Home advantage (in the Wadebridge Social - aptly social in that beer was £2 a pint! - Club) counted for nothing, as no one had even seen or practised on the alley itself.

Skipper ‘Skip’ Kevin led the way with the only ‘spare’ of the evening, spare being all 9 skittles knocked down in 2 bowls, with a 3rd bowl at them restacked, scoring 13 in one leg- unlucky for Padstow.

Ably supported by ‘Three Bowls’ Mick, ‘Smooth Del(ivery) Boy’ Clive, ‘Croucher’ Graham, ‘Swampy’ Pete Marsh and ‘Mitch’ Wayne the team amassed a score of 226.

Mention must be made of the Padstow skipper’s unerring ability to throw two consecutive bowls straight through the skittle pack scoring nothing each time, likewise on the way back on the rebound. We all willed him on for a hat trick, sadly not to be.

Also honours go to the Club dog who tried to chase every bowl.  On asking his name the author was told ‘Bruno’ as he was a boxer. Most confusing as he clearly was a sheep dog. The author was relieved to find out that ‘Bruno’ was named after Frank. I hope that clears up any confusion.

It is suggested that the spouses of this magnificent  team keep them in proper ‘trim’ over the Christmas break as they await the challenges of 2016 opponents in the semis and final.

Oh, by the way we won by 9 skittles.  Many congratulations.

 Merry Christmas One and all

Report and photos by Nick Pickles;  Collage by Graham Renwick