Tools for Self Reliance

Tools for Self Reliance

Rotarian Chris Crossley coordinates collection of old, unwanted tools.

To donate to the Tools for Self Reliance charity. (

 Although the charity has suspended its work during the Covid crisis, hold on to the following types of tool for donation soon.

  • plumbing tools especially heavy duty floor-standing pipe benders
  • arc welders (240V, stick type) plus accessories
  • carpentry tools especially large carpenters vices, metal jack planes, tri-planes and drawknives
  • building tools, especially builders squares and corner trowels
  • engineering and metalworking tools especially HSS twist drills, metric taps & dies and hand-operated bench grinders
  • bicycle repair tools especially spoke spanners
  • shoe repair tools especially skiving knives
  • auto-mechanics tools especially heavy duty foot-pumps, tyre pressure gauges and piston ring compressors
  • electrical repair tools especially multi-meters and desoldering equipment
  • industrial/professional quality power tools especially heavy duty drills and bench grinders
  • blacksmiths tools especially anvils and leg vices
  • good quality Singer round-bobbin hand machines because spare parts are easily available in the UK and all over Africa for these old but solidly-built machines
  • electric sewing machines. These need to be in good working order and be capable of zig-zag stitching and embroidery. A foot controller and instruction manual, though preferable, are not essential

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