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Rotary Becket members are involved in many activities supporting local causes in and around Northampton

Community Service

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Members of Rotary Becket’s “Community  and Youth Committee” are extremely active in numerous projects assisting other groups around Northampton including:

Young Carers 

The Club provides drivers to transport (free of charge) young Carers to events organised by Northamptonshire Young Carers.  A young carer is aged between 5yrs-18yrs. They take on the responsibility for helping to look after someone (usually a family member) who has a long-term illness or disability.  In the last 6 months the value of such support has been places at over £4,000 in saved taxi fares or transportation costs

To learn more about what Northamptonshire Young Carers do visit http://www.northamptonshire-carers.org/

Princes Trust

Rotary Becket provides ongoing support for Northampton North Princes Trust Teams who help you people 13-25  to try a mix of activities to develop their skills and confidenceI  The Club gives both hands on and financial assistance to candidates and in some cases assist them to find employment and a successful future,

To learn more about Northampton North Princes Trust Teams visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/PTTeam/

Calvert Trust

Each year Rotary Becket sponsors a person suffering from a disability to enjoy a week at one of the Calvert Trust Outdoor Centres together with a volunteer supplied by the Club. The week promotes independence in a safe environment and everyone is encouraged to do as much as they can and, frequently, more than they themselves expect. 

To read the Calvert Story and to find out what it is all about click here.

For more information about the Calvert Trust Project visit http://www.rotary1070.org/community/calvert/

Please revisit this page to learn more about our Community Activities as the page will be regularly updated.

If there are any projects you think Rotary Becket could assist with please contact Sid Copeland, our Community & Youth Chairman

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