Young Chef competition

Six young chefs competed in an exciting contest at Blenheim school in Epsom

Six eager young Chefs competed for the title of Rotary Club of Epsom Young Chef 2016.  The competition was held at Blenheim School, Longmead Road, Epsom (Many thanks to them) and was a real delight.  The food looked and tasted wonderful and it was astonishing that such young people could reach such a high level of skill - we were all wowed.  The winner can go on to the District finals later in the year.

The winner was Miral Pankhania from Rosebery, second was Sophie Rose from Rosebery and third was Amy Church also from Rosebery, making it clean sweep for Rosebery.  The runners up were Manila Velezani , Leayh Barrett and Lauren Skinner, all from Blenheim.  Thanks to them all for demonstating that we will not be short of Chefs in the future.  Thank you also to the judges and the chief judge, Sean Mooney from the Canopy restaurant in Epsom