2016-03-12 Les Creux Pump Track

Planting and maintaining trees to screen the Pump Track from neighbours.

On Saturday 12th March members of the Rotary Club of Jersey, together with parents, teachers and pupils from La Moye School planted 315 trees and shrubs including hazel, crab apple, dog rose, blackthorn and elder for the landscaping at the new Pump Track, which was completed and opened to the public in December 2015.

The Pump Track project was instigated by Aaron Lappage of Aaron's Bikes , who aims to transform the BMX tracks in each Parish into Pump Tracks like the one at Les Creux Park in St Brelade. This can only be achieved as part of community projects, which has proved very successful in St Brelade

The Jersey Construction Council organised the construction works and the funding was sourced from the Bosdet Foundation, the Construction Council through their Brick Foundation and an anonymous donor.

The Rotary Club of Jersey’s involvement was by way of providing the landscaping for the project, Rotarian Steve Southern worked on the project applying for a number of tree packs from the Woodland Trust as part of their Free Tree scheme and obtaining a planting scheme from Axis Mason, free of charge.

With the help of Jon Dyson and Conrad Evans of Jersey Trees for Life, the army of volunteers, having received instruction on how to dig the holes and plant the trees completed the task in a couple of hours.

Aaron Lappage has the support of La Moye School and youth groups in the area and the new track is proving very popular. Aaron is now in discussions with the Parish of St John to do the same on the site on the North Coast and the Rotary Club of Jersey will continue to support this scheme.