Club Meetings/ Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Conference

Bournemouth April 2016

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Some comments from our delegates:

It was a good weekend of inspiration, education, motivation and entertainment (even at 5am in the morning - if you like When Harry Met Sally in a room nearby!)

The key message from RI President K.R. Ravindran and Rotary GB&I President Peter Davey, was that Rotary UK and Ireland is in trouble unless change happens and happens soon. The average age of members is now 73 and membership is falling, primarily through health and death at the top end and fewer recruits coming through at the bottom end.

What they emphasised is that what attracted current members to Rotary 10- 20 years ago and prior is no longer attractive to potential new recruits and it is essential to change now or it will be too late. We must not be a slave to our history.

We need to get our own members who do not want change to understand and agree why the change is necessary and if they continue to be reluctant to accept changes, then we will have no choice but to move forward without them, for the sake of the Club.

Steve Brown's story (see page 7 of latest Rotary Magazine) was pretty amazing - and the work of Richard Stilgoe and the Orpheus Centre Trust as well.

I think it made me reflect most on what the world would be like without Rotary and why it is so important that we do everything in our power to assure its survival in Jersey.

It was actually a pretty impressive conference programme - the exhibition hall was also very informative

Would go again

Thanks to all for the photos.

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