Hillary Austen - Guildford Street Angels.

Thu 23rd June 2016 at 19.00 - 22.00


Hillary Austen - Guildford Street Angels.

Host - Bill Pollington

Fellowship - Rae Boxall/Kerstin Ochel.

The Guildford Street Angels programme operates with support from Surrey Police and the Safer Guildford Partnership.  Guildford Street Angels operate on Friday, Saturday and occasional weekday nights from around 10.30 pm until around 4.00 am when all the bars and clubs are closed.

Street Angels are volunteers who believe that people deserve care and love in their time of need.  Those needs could be as a result of homelessness, intoxication, drug abuse, assault or any other issue which has caused personal distress or the potential for physical harm.  They help people whoever they are and whatever their situation, for example by listening, caring, offering practical help or by referring people to other (specialist) agencies who can help them.  Street Angels operate under the management of the Town Centre Chaplaincy with volunteers representing people of different faiths and none.  Volunteers are over 18, DBS checked, interviewed and trained.