Wadebridge Rotary Club beats Saltash Club in the area finals.

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The Wadebridge Skittles team powered on through another famous victory, this one against the formidable Saltash Team who, up to now, had sailed through comfortably against all their opponents. Upon enquiry it appeared that it was byes all the way and they had not actually played a game yet!

Skipper ‘Skip’ Kevin Smith fielded a rejigged team which now included Mike ‘Ken’ Dodd and Nigel ‘Sparks’ Davey, along with 3 retainers from earlier rounds. Now sadly two of the retainers, including this author, had a bit of a Radar glitch on the rubber and seemed intent on giving the scorers an easy ride.

Despite this, ‘Skip’ and ‘Ken’ both bowled magnificently, each getting a spare, (this was Skip’s 3rd in 3 consecutive matches, a real model of consistency and ability honed on the grassy sward of bowling greens) and this enabled Wadebridge to outscore our opponents.

Now, we had waited overlong for an original team pick to arrive. After the witching hour of the match starting we were still one short and with our Reserves still in the field, despite Skip’s desperate telephoning, we were in serious danger of being impossibly handicapped and losing.

Showing immense fair play and in true Rotarian spirit, the Saltash Captain Brenda allowed non-Rotarian and our photographer, Jane Pickles, to start the match and she delivered a very impressive score of 8 with her only effort. Then Reserve Paul ‘Brockers’ Brocklebank arrived (like Field Marshal Blucher at Waterloo).

We must also mention the visiting team jinx in that, for the 3rd match in a row, the opposition Captain delivered 2 consecutive balls that passed through the serried ranks of skittles without a touch. 

We won by 7 skittles, a great match played very sportingly when you look at the photographs of so many technically invalid throws! Onwards and upwards now to Redruth, in our sights! As Skip said ‘Now it gets serious.’

Photos by Jane Pickles.   Report by Nick Pickles