Ruthie Markus and AMECA

Ameca received this touching letter from Chilaweni.......

Dear Ruth,
The work of the clinic is progressing very well. The big machine (severer) came and did the levelling (Flatten) the area see the photo.
They renovated the dilapidated two houses near the clinic to be used as their offices and they will leave them for the community after their work (see photos)
They have finished demarcating the main clinic building and the four staff houses and people have started digging the foundations. See photos
The looming of the clinic project in the village have also empowered many people who had no empowerment economically as they secure deferent jobs, starting from labourers and skilled workers like carpenters builders and watchmen.
Track bringing bricks have started delivering bricks. They will increase the number of employed people next week when they start layering bricks. Also more women will be employed to drew water for the project hence empowering women economically to support their families. Many people where starving due to the drought experienced this year but some are rescued after getting employment at the clinic site.
The community is very grateful to you and all the people who made this possible. Indeed the project has already started making a huge difference to the life of the people in the area.
Stay well and healthy.
May God bless you.
By for now,

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