2016 Link Visit to Meerbusch

Another enjoyable meeting of our three linked clubs

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We had a fabulous time in Meerbusch and were delighted to renew friendships again.

Rotarians from Meerbusch, Brügge-West and Pinner all gathered to much excitement and chatter for lunch in a Düsseldorf brewery where local dark ale was served and any time the glass neared becoming empty it was replaced by another!

After lunch, a quartet played  for us in the Neanderkirche next to the brewery and we were treated to Mozart, Vivaldi,  Schostakovich, Gardel and Brahms.  The violins swayed, the strings were flying and it was just awesome, we stood to clap our appreciation. We then had a guided tour around old Düsseldorf along the banks of the Rhine.

The evening was a special treat with a home hosted meal in groups of 8-10 with a lovely meal delivered to the homes of our hosts.

Saturday started with a trip to Cologne Cathedral, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic and Neo -Gothic architecture in the World. We then visited the Brewery Gaffel am Dom where the pale ale flowed and the meal brought plates piled high with sausages, black pudding and sauerkraut.  We then visited the charming walled city of Zons and heard about its history of the black plague and put a 50 cent coin in the box to make the windmill turn.

The Gala Dinner was at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, the Meerbusch club’s meeting venue, where those visiting Rotarians not staying with our hosts were based.  Our President George Demetriou gave a marvellous vote of thanks in German, which impressed us all, then a translation in English which most of us understood.

On Sunday we visited Haus Meer, an old Convent site in Meerbusch with many beautiful old trees and an ice house. Lastly we all enjoyed lunch, and midst lots of hugs and jollity said goodbye to our friends and hosts as the coach left for the airport.

So until next year.... 

Rotarian Hilary Hogg

More photos of the visit