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Woolsack participated in the local Kids Out day this year

Kids Out

Kids Out is a charity started in 1999, supported by Rotary, for the benefit of children who are disadvantaged.

There are various venues for the day and the one closest to Godalming is held at the Aldershot Stadium in June every year. This has been running for over ten years and is supported by eight local Rotary Clubs.

There are nearly 40 schools in the area that send disadvantaged children to this event. Their ages range from 7 to 13 and the day is totally free for both carers and children.

Schools participating in this event are asked to provide transport to the venue and the appropriate number of carers for their children.

Each child is given a Tee shirt, hat and wristband – the latter with just the name of the school.

The day consists of activities and rides for all the children, appropriate to their age and ability, a petting farm, food, drink and even an ice cream!

The local police and fire brigade are usually in attendance with some of their equipment and a St John’s ambulance will be on site.

The day starts with arrivals after 9.00am and finishes by 3.00pm.   The site is totally self-contained and secure and there is no cost to the participating schools.

Godalming Woolsack Rotary Club this year sent 96 children from five local schools to the event. There has been some very positive feedback from teachers and carers to say what a great time the children had.

The day is enjoyed by all, children, carers, stallholders and volunteers and is an excellent opportunity for some disadvantaged children to have an amazing day out at no cost to themselves!