The Queen's Birthday celebrations in the Town Hall.

Sat, Jun 11th 2016 at 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

An evening of celebration to mark our Queen's 90th birthday

The Queen's Birthday celebrations in Hungerford.

With the London Military Band Quartet in full swing with “there will be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover” resonating in the Corn Exchange. Hungerford Rotary Club held a celebration for the Queens 90th Birthday on Saturday 11th June. The club was grateful for all the support it received including The Hungerford Jewellers, Cobbs Farm, Below Stairs and Martin and the Magpie.  President Bruce Mayhew welcomed our distinguished guests, Grace was said by Dr. Hugh Pihlens and the evening began.
Seventeen year old Opera singer Isabella Bradley wowed the guests with her outstanding performance and the band played on. After a wonderful supper the guests sang a medley of old and nearly new songs including, “Yellow Submarine”. With must flag waving and lusty singing it was time to say goodnight.

The event raised over £1,300 for Rotary Charities.

Happy Birthday your Majesty.

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