Quiltonians Fun(d) Day

RotaKids end the year with a fund-raising event for the Meningitis charity.

A Great End to a Successful Year

School has broken up.  Children are on holiday, and the 2015-16 members of the Quilters Junior School RotaKids club have finished their year.

But what a finish!  In the true tradition of RotaKids, the children couldn’t finish without a final fundraising event.

With the support of lead teacher Helen Kilby, the children organised a Fun Day to raise money for the Meningitis charity. 

Three-armed Race

What was the Fun Day?  An obstacle course which challenged the physical skills of the pupils who entered.  The children paid one pound to enter and children from every class of the school paid up to take part.  All the money raised was donated to the charity.  The twist in the tale?  It wasn’t to be just an obstacle race, but would be a three legged race.  But - - Health & Safety considerations intervened and the children competed with two arms in each pair tied together - still limiting their freedom as they tried to jump hurdles, dribble footballs and separately manage the Hula Hoops.

The Course

The children had to compete in pairs, and the pair with the fastest time to complete the course was the winners.  The course?

  • Hurdles - jumping some low hurdles
  • Bouncing a tennis ball on a racquet five times
  • Hula Hoops - keep a hoop up for five rotations and repeat it with a second hoop
  • Egg & Spoon - navigate a slalom course between cones without dropping the egg
  • Synchronised Jumps - each pair of contestants did five standing jumps sideways across a barrier.
  • Dribbling a football - get successfully through another slalom course while dribbling a football.

A great day and a great cause!  Well done to the RotaKids