The club supports many international projects including the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus

      My name is Bernard Melanophy and I have been the Chairman of the Rotary Club of  Didcot International committee for several years.The committee deals mainly with three aspects of the care principles of ROTARY which embraces World Health, Hunger and Humanity. These are the foremost  principles based on Rotary Foundation establshed in 1929 following the death of Paul Harris (the Rotary Founder), his legacy was to extend the Foundation Worldwide. In 1965 prgrammes were lanched to promote Group Study Exchange, awards for technical training and grants for World Humanity schemes. In 1985 the huge undertaking started with the intention of eradicating POLIO throughout the World, especially in the developing countries..This is one of the many great successes of Rotary International. The current situation is that only a small number of locations exist where the crippling disease is still present. They are mainly in the war torn countries in Asia.

In recent years the club has assisted in helping  many world disasters, mainly caused by nature such as earthquakes. We channel our support through organisations such as Shelterbox,  and Aquabox, for example we have funded the purchase of several hundred Shelterboxes, which range from small containers filled with essestials for survival to  very large=e Sheterboxes which can support large families with good shelter and essentiak equipment, such as blankets, clothing and cookig utensils.

We have supported earthquakes in Japan, Chile, and Italy as well as Hurricanes in the Phillipines, Haiti and the recentt Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean. We have a close associationn with Eastern Ugandaa where we have sponsored childrens educationn in the small town of KAMULI where a member of our committee has been vitiing twice a year for some years. It is a very poor community whered education is only available to the very few children who can pay. We assist with the local hospital improving training for nurses and some refurbishment of the building.

We have also supported, along with other clubs, Sanitation schemes in Kenya.

We can faciliate, at short notice,.action in response to World Didasters and contimue to support the Rotary Foundation annually as well as Polio Pluss.

Being part of Rotary International is very rewarding as we sekk to help those less fortunate than ourselves Worldwide.


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