Schools Public Speaking Competition FINAL - in Glasgow Caledonian University

Tue 22nd November 2016 at 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Schools Public Speaking Competition FINAL - in Glasgow Caledonian University

Schools Public Speaking Competition

Report from Ian Wylie:

I wish to pay tribute to the Chair of the judges, Bill Christie, for an excellent job very well done and for his contribution to arranging his fellow judges at each Heat. He also gave an excellent presentation at the end of each Heat before informing the audience who would be going through to the final. My sincere thanks for all his excellent stewardship and his guidance to so many of the contestants who had so many questions for him to answer (mainly those who had not quite managed to make the grade)

And so the Final arrived on 22nd November where we had 18 entries and an audience of almost 100 people. The evening was a huge success and the standard of each candidate was sky high, however there were two speakers who stood out head and shoulders above everybody else. Honor Mc Williams of St Aloysius’ College, now in her 6th and final year gave an outstanding performance and her topic was “Make your Mark”. She first appeared as an S1 pupil and has returned every year since and has eventually become a very fine winner of this competition. Barely more than a hairsbreadth behind in 2nd place was Olivia McCann of Hutchesons’ Grammar School, also in her 6th and final year and also a regular since appearing as an S3 pupil.

The winner of the S1-S3 Carol Horne Quaich was Freya Brady of Shawlands Academy, making this a hat-trick of wins since her S1 appearance, a truly superb performance. This also earned her 3rd place in the main competition.

My thanks to all the judges once again, Bill McVicar and his team for meeting and greeting, Judith Tatham for dealing with the Registartion of all pupils during the Heats and Final and all the committee members who helped during the entire competition.

Lastly, many thanks to all the Rotarians from our club who supported us during the entire competition.

We have done ourselves proud and can hold our heads up high and look forward to the future of this highly prestigious competition.

Ian B Wylie


Schools Public Speaking Competition.

The Club is again indebted to Ian Wylie for the considerable work undertaken in ensuring the success of this Competition, now in its 36th year.  From contacting Schools, University, Contracts and the “requests” from Schools to “change heats” and this year chairing all the heats and the Final.

Bill Christie


Youth Committee.


1.     Honor McWilliams, St Aloysius College

2.     Olivia McCann, Hutchesons’ Grammar School

3.     Freya Brady, Shawlands Academy.

Carol Horne Quaich  S1 – S3

Freya Brady, Shawlands Academy for the 3rd year running.