Social and fellowship activities - many & varied

visits to the Hull Fish Trail; Sea Life Centre; fund raising film show; BBq's; golf for non golfers .....

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Regular meetings

Our Wednesday evening meetings, at the Downe Arms, form the backbone of our social/fellowship, events. Often we have a speaker, sometimes representing a cause we might be able to support, sometimes sharing a hobby, interest or experience, and sometimes describing a small business we may not  have come across. The number of interesting and (usually!) entertaining people there are in Scarborough - and unusual hobbies and businesses as well, never ceases to surprise.

We quite often get out and about  to visit places and businesses within the town - to spread knowledge of Rotary and to widen our own experience. 

All these are occasions for members to relax and simply enjoy each others company.  

Out and about 

Knights Templars Hall

Fondly remembered: Amelia's Chocolate

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