Community Service/ A Sell-Out Fireworks in 2016

47th Charity Fireworks Spectacular at Lake Meadows park, organised again by Round Table

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Crowded Out – A Sell Out!

Once again Billericay Round Table organised a spectacular Fireworks display at Lake Meadows Park, Billericay.  This year was the forty-seventh time the event has been held and every year it seems to get better.  Probably the biggest firework display in Essex, we were pleased to support the Round Table again this year, especially in view of all the help they gave to us in running out 2016 Soapbox Derby. 

Half our club turned out to help and we were positioned on the Hill House Drive Gate as in the last few years, while other Rotary clubs such as the Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower, and other service organisations and youth organizations such as the Lions, the Air Training Corps, Essex Boys and Girls clubs, all provided volunteers to help the smooth running of the event throughout the arena on other gates.  On our Gate, volunteers from the Essex Boys and Girls clubs did all the scanning of pre-sale tickets while we handled all the cash buyers, and helped out with selling the light sticks etc..

After the safety briefing at 4.30 p.m. we went straight out to our Gate with Ed, Mike Sinclair, Malcolm, Tom, Les, Patrick, Roger, Keith and Peter Greene all there on the evening.  We’re always happy to help because it’s a good cause, it gives enjoyment to thousands, and it’s a lot of fun on the night!

There were quite a few changes from last year, particularly with the location of the main entrance gate, parking at Sun Corner, and with an emphasis on on-line advance sales to reduce the time taken to get people into the park.  Highly successful, well over half the crowd had already bought tickets before the day and had their tickets scanned for a speedy entry into the Park.

For those who hadn't pre-paid, we could take their money, and issue tickets on the night, but thanks to the prepayment, the load was much more evenly spread out than previous years.  Yes, there were peaks in demand, especially in the final half hour before the fireworks started, but we were able to minimise the queues and pass people through very quickly.

In fact, we sold out with 10 minutes to go before the start!

Everybody was in a good mood and there was no trouble at our gate at all.

The main features of the event were, as usual, a huge bonfire and a dramatic firework display with a special Kid’s Firework Display at 5.30 p.m. so that the youngest could enjoy the event before the lighting of the bonfire and well before the main Firework display at 8.00 p.m.  There was a small funfair, and a variety of food and drink was available on site throughout the evening to feed the hungry masses! 

It was all a great success, but with so many people it was even more difficult to move along the paths within the park than last year.

The firework display always raises significant funds over the years and these funds go back into the local community in the form of donations and grants to local groups, voluntary associations, charities and individual worthy causes.

We thank the members of Round Table again for organizing such a successful event which so many enjoyed!