Work with young people

Concentration & craftsmanship at the annual technology tournament in February- one of our main Youth Activities.

Our three main activities with young people are the Youth Speaks Competition held in Pickering, the Technology Tournament held at Scarborough Rugby Club and the Young Chef competition - the first heat of which is held at the Scarborough TEC. 

Youth Speaks

This Public Speaking competition is run in conjunction with the The Rotary Club of Pickering who do the main organisation whilst the Cavaliers provide stewarding and sometimes judging on the day.  Traditionally the event takes place in Pickering at Lady Lumley’s School.  In the past we have often provided an opportunity for prospective teams from the 6th form college to have a dry run at one of our Club meetings. This helps to mitigate the effects of nerves and helps the whole Club become a part of the event.

Technology Tournament

The Rotary Club of Scarborough (sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘the other Club’) take the lead for this event at the Scarborough Rugby Club.  Teams of young people from local schools must build a working model from simple materials supplied (one year it was a working crane for example).  Sometimes we hold an abridged reprise of the event at one of our Club meetings where members are set the same challenge.  Cavaliers provide support by way of judging and stewarding.  The next Technology Tournament is booked into our Programme  for Wednesday 15 March 2017 at the Rugby Club.

Young Chef

The competition is run in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Scarborough (sometime colloquially known as " The Other Club"), The local heat taking place at the Yorkshire Coast College.

It is open to all young people aged 11 – 17 years in full time education (on the 31st August each year).

Its objectives are to encourage young people to prove their organisational and planning skills and their ability to cope in a demanding situation.

The competition will develop cookery and food preservation skills, highlight healthy eating options and hygiene issues.
A setting up time of 30 minutes is allowed with two hours for cooking. Entrants are asked to prepare a three course healthy meal for two people costing no more than £15. The winner of the local heat will go on to District, Regional and National competitions.
Application forms can be obtained via the Contact tab under 'young people'.

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