News/ Purple4Polio in Regent's Park

Sat 10th December 2016 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

Rotary clubs across the country have been helping to rid the world of polio but supporting the Purple4Polio initiative.

The Rotary Club of Crowthorne and Sandhurst raises £868.92 for Rotary's Purple4Polio Campaign.
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Rotary joined forces with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to plant over seven million purple crocus corms across Britain & Ireland as part of their Purple4Polio campaign to raise awareness and funds for End Polio Now.
Winter planting activities culminated in an exciting event at Regent's Park where Purple4Polio ambassadors Julia Roberts, Ade Adepitan, Konnie Huq and Anne Wafula Strike planted the final set of corms.
Come Springtime the Park will look breathtaking and will be a wonderful reminder of the work Rotary does to eradicate polio. Polio used to paralyse 350 000 children every year, with Rotary’s help that is now fewer than 35.

The Rotary Club of Crowthorne & Sandhurst's 2016 Quiz Night raised £868.92 for the Purple4Polio campaign, while the remaining £868.92 raised at the Quiz Night is being donated to the Crowthorne charity C.O.A.T.S.