Helping other clubs

Members work with other Rotary clubs including travelling to Harwich to advise on the use of conventional and electronic tools to spread the word about Rotary

What are doing

Using the Technology

(and exploiting conventional tools)

Our expertise with the application of IT is much in demand within Rotary.  Not only have we given our daughter club of Billericay Mayflower a few website tips, but we travel beyond our immediate boundaries to help and build fellowship with distant clubs.

On Monday February 20 President-Elect Peter Greene was asked to make a presentation to the Rotary Club of Harwich and Dovercourt about the Use of Social Media by Rotary Clubs. He was supported by president Mike Sinclair and past president Keith Wood – quite a trek!  But they were rewarded with a generous welcome, a pre-dinner drink and and a very good two-course meal (perhaps too good following our own normal Monday lunch at Reids!)

The club is 70 years old with about 36 members and meets at the Harwich and Dovercourt Golf Club on the outskirts of the town.  It has recently changed from meeting at lunch times on Mondays to meeting at 6.30pm.  Its members came from all walks of life, many of whom give their time to other charitable activities, “Sailing for the Disabled” being just one of them.  They had recently done an actuarial study of their membership bearing in mind the aging profile of their club. Their conclusions were that the demographics of all Clubs and societies had changed, not only that of Rotary. And they were now content in it’s make up, even though like ours, they have an aging membership.

From flowing conversation and exchange of information it was clear that it is an active and community oriented club, and the drivers behind two principal functions in the town, the annual Sea Festival in July and the “Guy Carnival” in the winter. Major fund-raising events from which the majority of money raised allows Rotary to support local charities and organisations.Peter was the speaker for the day and gave a slide presentation on how best to get the message out to the public via conventional media, websites, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The host club were very appreciative of the concise but informative presentation and some lively questions followed.  We wish the Rotary Club of Harwich and Dovercourt all success in repatriating their website and Facebook identities and launching their presence using these tools and Twitter.