Improvements to Amersham Museum

Talk by Museum Curator Emily Toettcher on 14 March 2017

Museum Curator Emily Toettcher
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On 14th March 2017, Emily Toettcher, the curator of the Amersham Museum, gave a very interesting talk to the members of Amersham Rotary Club

She informed us that it is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the town dating from 1450 and is an independent charity legally purchased from a legacy. Modernisation, creating space for activities, was completed in 2016 and is due for opening later this year. Its object is to show the story of Amersham and the local area and to highlight certain years namely 1580, 1770, 1892, 1939 and 1965 and telling the story of the Brazil family and their well known pork sausage factory. 

The museum pays particular attention to children, and besides housing over seven thousand, five hundred objects including a large collection of toys, it holds special school holiday activities, seasonal trails and guided walks. 

Report by Frank Birbeck

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Additional report

When EmilyToettcher first came to visit RotaryInAmersham, four years ago, she had only been in the Curator's job for about a year. Today we welcomed her back for an update on the Amersham Museum, as so much has happened and so much is planned. After acquiring the building next door, work started, in 2013, to expand and improve the facilities. A legacy was left by TonyWoodcock 13 years ago and this also enabled the Museum to strive to meet new goals of :- 

1) Revealing and displaying the building 
2) Displaying the 7500 objects owned by the museum 
3) Providing a new improved Space for activities. 
After all the negotiations with Architects, planners and builders, Nos. 59 and 61 High St are now united as the museum and a 'frontage' has been put in place which will provide a much more welcoming and accessible entrance. Amersham has an interesting story to tell and the Museum tells it through taking 'snapshots' in time when living in Amersham is described in detail. The focus, however is not just on the Town . The history of surrounding villages and communities are also given ample space. 

Originally the Museum was created by the AmershamSociety.