Rotary End Polio Now Campaign/ 2017: Jam today, no polio tomorrow

Wilkin and Son donate 54,000 jars of plum jam to raise £300,000 for Polio eradication

'Purple for Polio' plum jam aims to raise over £300,000 to help eradicate Polio by 2019
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Wilkin and Son has donated 52,000 jars of jam to the Rotary organisation in the UK to help the End Polio Now campaign

The idea is that each Rotarian will receive a jar of jam
for which they are asked to make a donation of £2 to the End Polio Now campaign

As with the tomato sauce exercise a few years ago, once emptied,
the jars can then be filled with loose change to further supplement the End Polio Now campaign

Thanks to the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation matching programme, every £1 raised becomes £3


Be a volunteer and HELP US eradicate Polio

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