This page publishes the winners of the Soapbox Derby for all three categories, and the fastest soapboxes. It also lists the raffle winners and the winners of the Social Media challenge.

Soapbox Major Trophy

And the Winners are ...

Soapbox Prize Winners

We are all totally exhausted by the preparation and running of this year's soapbox Derby, but it's all so satisfying when we read the positive comments made directly to us, and via Facebook and Twitter. Thank you all for your support. We are still checking the income and tickets to know how many people came along and how much was raised, but we'll publish that here and on Facebook and Twitter @billericyrotary.

These are the final results.

Fastest Soapbox:

1st. Team 127 - with their Soapbox - QR02

2nd. Team 165 - The Walkers – with their Soapbox - The Rolling Dead

3rd. Team 146 – Roll Out the Bunting

Wacky Racers

1st. Team 132 – Killer Heels with their Soapbox Nearly Virgin Air and a maximum score of 60 out of 60

2nd Team 107 -The Gut, The Beard, The Bald and The Lanky with their soapbox Calamity Jane

3rd. Team154 – The Full English with their soapbox of the same name


1st. Team 101 - Only Fools and Horses with their soapbox Trotters Independent Traders

2nd. Team 147 – The Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower with their soapbox Mayflower Marauders

3rd. (joint) by Team 126 - Parabar Lightning with their soapbox Olivia Newton Bomb, and Team 159 - Mayflower Marauders with their soapbox The Jolly Roger


1st Team 165 - - The Walkers – with their Soapbox - The Rolling Dead and by Team 109 - (joint) Quilters Junior School with their soapbox the Quilters Express

2nd. Team 136 - 25th. S.E. Essex Boys Brigade with their soapbox Formula none, and (joint) Team 110 - The Fresh Prince of Big Hair with their soapbox of the same name.

3rd. Team 152 - Team Westwood with their soapbox of the same name


The Raffle cost £1.00 per entry and the prizes were:

  1. A weekend's use of a Luxury Mercedes Benz saloon (donated by Mercedez Benz of Lakeside)
  2. A full Luxury Professional Valet of the winner's car (donated by Mercedez Benz of Lakeside)
  3. Two prizes each of 6 tickets to the Fathers' Day Motor Fest at Weeley nr. Colchester (Donated by Essex Motor Show)
  4. Three prizes each of 4 tickets to the Festival of Wheels at Barleylands (Donated by Essex Motor Show)

The winning tickets were:

  •     Ticket Number  12724
  •     Ticket Number  12845
  •     Ticket Number  12832
  •     Ticket Number  12857
  •     Ticket Number  14783
  •     Ticket Number  14774
  •     Ticket Number  12123

Social Media  Challenge

The competition open to all those who shared their purchase of tickets to the Soapbox Derby on Facebook or Twitter has closed.

The Winners of this competition, each winning a donation of £250 to a charity of their choice in their name, are:

Mrs Joanne George - Ticket Booking Reference R339084

Mr David Knapp - Ticket Booking Reference R33C04A

Mrs Lynsey Paddock - Ticket Booking Reference R33E86F

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Soapbox Major Trophy

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